Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Sandra and Danny Parchman on the passing of Danny’s mother, Oretha Parchman, who passed away in her home at the age of 93 on February 8, 2019.   A long life should be celebrated. However, the loss of a mother and mother-in-law is never easy.Visitations will take place at Spann Funeral Home, Monday evening from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, and Tuesday at 11:00am with a memorial service scheduled for 2:00pm
Thank you to Michelle Greene for leading our Trailblazer quiz team over these past months. Michelle, who spoke to us Sunday morning about the quiz team has served as coach and head cheerleader for the team. I was just as thrilled as they were to hear you all applaud their work and achievements. As our quizzers move forward toward regional and national quiz challenges we look forward to their success and we will continue to root for them and support them.  I look forward to future reports.
Last February and March as I ente…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Jonathan and Hannah Harris on the loss of Hannah’s uncle, George Cooksey.  George passed away at the age of 76, on February 1, 2019.  George Cooksey is the brother of former Jason Chapel staff member, Rev. Crystal Petty. Crystal, who now serves as lead pastor to the Kingston Springs Church of the Nazarene, will be officiating a portion of the memorial service later this week. Continue to be in prayer for her as she prepares to celebrate the life and faith of her brother.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 1:00pm at the Pine Hill Church of the Nazarene in McEwen, Tennessee. Visitations will be held at the Pine Hill Church on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 from 2:00pm until 8:00pm and on Wednesday from 11:00am until the time of service.  
Our thoughts and prayers are also extended to Charla and Cheri Eaton (sisters) in the loss of their uncle, Ernest Mayfield, who passed away January 30, 201…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Avery Greene who was reported on in the Dickson Post as being the Centennial Star Student of the Week. A short write up and photo of Avery was in the Post last week and still sits on my kitchen counter today.  It made me smile to see it and read it. Avery is the daughter of our Dan and Michelle Greene.  I do not know who votes on such things at Centennial Elementary School, but I do know I agree with them.  Great job Avery I am proud of you. 
Julie Dickson serves as our church office administrator and church treasurer.  During the first weeks of January she has been pulling reports and working on the items that accompany a new year.  Giving statements and W-2’s (for those who qualify) are complete and we are in the process of delivering them.  If you missed your statement being hand delivered please watch your mail box. They should reach you soon.  
This past Wednesday evening, thanks to the help of Ray Brunet, I was able to host a n…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Team Newby (Lori and Finley Knowles and Lisa and Ronnie Hopper) on winning the First Annual Trivia Night at Jason Chapel. Jonathan Hopper did an outstanding job putting the night together and I have heard from everyone in attendance how much fun it was and how they already look forward to next year.  I even know a team who plans to practice throughout the year. My team, Team Flapjack, wasn’t the brightest table in the bunch, but I am willing to say that we had the best food and most fun.  During the course of the evening over $500.00 was raised for our Student Ministries Departments through team registrations and the purchase of answers.  Thank you to Anna Hopper and Arissa Breece for arriving early and helping with set-up. And as always, thank you for the crew who helped clean up.  Once again, the task was completed in record time.  
During the evening of Trivia Night, between rounds, I would go outside and take notice of weather c…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Ed and Lori Shirk on the passing of their sister-in-law, Debi Shirk.Debi passed Thursday, January 10, 2019 in the early hours of the morning.Debi had undergone emergency brain surgery and was simply unable to recover from the incident and procedure.Travel and preparation for such a time is never easy.However, as Ed was in transit to California, God orchestrated a way for him to meet up and be on the same flight as another brother in transit to be with family.God also supplied a doctor who values life and provided wonderful guidance for such decisions.In a great time of difficulty, there were multiple moments of God’s presence and grace.

Congratulations to Jonathan and Anna Hopper on joining the church and becoming a part of the Jason Chapel family Sunday.Jonathan will be serving as a full-time member of our pastoral staff team.Not only do I look forward to where he will lead his areas of ministry, I look forwar…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:
This past Sunday we joined together for what is known as the Wesleyan Covenant Service.  For those who missed, it was an incredible service offering multiple times of thought and reflection.  I have received numerous comments and messages, from those in attendance, telling me of favorite or most meaningful portion of the service.  For me, it was the closing song performed by Hailey Long.  If you would like to hear the song, here is a link that will guide you to it; may it provide another moment of reflection for you this week:
I want to take a moment and say a word of thanks to Sheril, Hailey, Courtney and Riley Long for all the work and planning that took place to make the service as sweet as it was.  Hailey and Courtney dropped by the church for rehearsal when they had moments and breaks within the day.  We all gathered Saturday evening to run through the service and it was clear the pressure was kicking in.  However, I …
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:
Billy Eaton is a member of our congregation and serves as the PAK’s Sunday School teacher. Most of the time when you see Billy he is smiling and standing near Lorie Russell.  Last week, on December 28, 2018, I had the honor of joining Billy and Lorie together in matrimony. It was an outdoor, semi-private, ceremony, and it was absolutely beautiful.  They chose their pond to serve as the backdrop while family members gathered around. Lorie looked stunning and Billy was handsome and proud. I am thankful for the both of them and was very proud to be by their sides for such a moment.  
We have finally entered 2019.  Jennifer and I spent New Year’s Eve in the company of our neighbors, at the camp ground, where we played games and enjoyed dinner together. New Year’s Day consisted of painting an office in the church, more food, and more games later on in the evening. I look forward to what this year hold for us.  The focus of our year together will be Next St…