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Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
I am writing my letter this week a day later than normal.I am still reflecting on the Spirit and movement within the service Sunday morning.I loved seeing our quizzers hold their trophies of dedication and hard work. I loved seeing Brandon’s conviction and leadership from the platform.And I was moved at the sound of weeping at an altar.Sunday brings with it a continuance of the Symbols of Hope sermon series.My preaching story line will take a few steps backwards, but we now get in step with the calendar.Palm Sunday marks the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and the beginning of Holy Week.I plan to provide a weekly devotion schedule for the week.If you are not currently engaged in a devotion, please allow next week to usher you into a routine and schedule.
There are two specific Off Campus nights of prayer I want to extend an invitation.They are:
On March 22, 2018 at 7pm our district mission area church leaders will be gathering at Erin Church of the Na…
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Sunday morning, we joined together after moving our clocks ahead one hour.Some of you attended the annual Naz-Safe training session hosted by Cheri Eaton at 8:45am.Others were in the Family Life Center rehearsing and practicing with the band during the same time.And still, others were in the lobby with prepared treats and snacks for anyone who showed.There are so many levels of behind the scene works that go on in the life of a church.For those attending the class, preparing for worship, or serving treats thank you for moving your clocks ahead and arriving early.I know those lost hours are not easily recovered.
Samantha Graham stood on the platform and performed a wonderful offertory.I could hear humming and singing all around me.I could also hear words of affirmation and encouragement as she played.Samantha is attending Middle Tennessee State University and studying within the music department.Her desire is to work on the delicate portions of instrum…
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Sunday at Jason Chapel marked a significant moment in the life of the church.We surrounded and prayed over the families of Rev. Crystal Petty and Rev. Titus Smith.It was a powerful scene from the platform as the church engulfed those who had invested so much over the years.Thank you to Robin Sliman, Brandon Adkisson, and Darick Wall for speaking such wonderful words about those they care so much about.
Following services, a team of people moved and reorganized the worship space into a fellowship hall.The change happened swiftly and smoothly.The kitchen was a buzz of activity and tables were filled with amazing dishes and treats.I would love to personally acknowledge each person who helped with dishes, chairs, tables, trash, drinks and even ice, but I fear I would leave a great number of people out as I continue to learn names.Please know I do not take your work for granted.
I want to remind us all, this week there are no scheduled Sunday School cla…