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Family and Friends of Jason Chapel:
Across the United States, the weekend prior to Memorial Day is a time spent with family, travel, cookouts, and perhaps even Kite Days. Typically, across the nation time is also spent recognizing active duty service members and veterans.  Sunday, former members of all branches of service stood and we were able to give thanks for their ability to do so.  We also spent time focusing on the true intention of such a Memorial Day, to honor those who lost their lives in the service of this nation. I am grateful to be a part of a family with active duty, retired, and former service members without a loss of life in battle.  I am one of the lucky ones.  May we continue to remember those who place themselves in danger and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.
Kite Day was a ton of fun, for a minute. Actually, it was a ton of fun the entire time we were able to be outside.  The kites didn’t fly, unless you ran trailing them behind you. And the p…
Family and Friends of Jason Chapel:
Sunday was equipped with every wave of emotion. There was a heaviness of heart while listening to Melanie Holcomb speak to us concerning the tragedy in Cuba and there was an excitement and joy as we celebrated our graduates.  In my opinion, Sunday mirrored life in an uncanny way. In the midst of short periods of time a great range of emotion can be felt.  Thank you for standing and observing a moment of silence.  Thank you for your hugs and cards for all our graduates. Thank you for representing family and life together on such a day.  
Bendee Bess serves as Jason Chapel’s NYI president. The role of the NYI president is to serve as a representative for our youth department leaders and students during board meetings and planning sessions.  For years, Bendee has added to her role and carries much more of the load than you know.  She helped previous leadership with administrative tasks and organization and she maintains relationships and invests more tim…
Family and Friends of Jason Chapel:
This past Sunday at Jason Chapel we had a busy but complete day.  A Mother’s Day theme was weaved throughout the morning.  I personally feel the focus was well balanced with a reverent tone and understanding that such a day carries more weight on some hearts than on others.  I have received many compliments but quickly point out that it was a team effort guided by the Holy Spirit.  
We celebrated Ray and Judy Brunet joining our church family and look forward to their continued involvement in the life of the church.  Ray is a retired Nazarene minister with a passion for evangelism.  You will see Ray and Judy, most Sundays, seated in the center section, but you will hear Ray’s “Amen” throughout the worship space; he has a strong voice.  With the addition of the Brunets to our flock on Mother’s Day, we took advantage of their children being in town. James and Kathy sang a wonderful medley accompanied by Vicky Painter on the Piano.  I sincerely hope it is…
Family and Friends of Jason Chapel:
Congratulations to Jacob and Breanna Beech on the dedication of son River Beech.  River was paraded around the sanctuary and received spoken blessings and a few foot tickles as he watched and took the moment in. Jacob and Breanna were surrounded by family for the dedication; may that always be the case.   River’s grandfather, Rev. Lane Ingram, was able to conduct the dedication blessing and prayer. His willingness to do so made me happy.  
Our Baby Day Parade was a beautiful sight.  My only regret was that I failed to go down the line and have the babies introduced. I will do better.  I was proud to see the smiling faces and happy to see all our children.  Isn’t our responsibility a great one to have?
Upon my request, Vicky Painter wrote a beautiful blessing song for Jason Chapel baby dedications. As River and I walked around the sanctuary, I could hear the tune being played and I could hear and see smiling faces sing the song.  It was a moment tha…
Family and Friends of Jason Chapel:
Congratulations to Brady and Robin Sliman on the wedding of their daughter, Kirby Sliman and for the addition of son-in-law, Josh Lewis.  I am new to all parties involved, but I approve.  First impressions of Josh are very easy to rank high; certainly, I am not alone in that assessment.  I only saw photographs, but Kirby was a beautiful bride.  The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Josh Clark (uncle) after a season of premarital counseling conducted by Josh and his wife Shawna.  What a powerful moment to invest and perform. Josh and Kirby have relocated to Florida, but we will see them during visits home.  
The month of May rivals only December when it comes to schedules and busyness.  Please pay special attention to the weeks ahead and please begin making preparations to attend each Sunday morning for worship.  We are not focused on numbers.  We are focused on you.   Thursday May 3rd Jason Chapel will be participating in the 24 hours of prayer. Jason…