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Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Campus activity has continued to be plentiful and constant. The upper sanctuary has been organized and gone through.  Excess supplies and materials have been donated to local churches, local charity organizations, and even the local landfill. It was an amazing project with many hands lifting, sweating, and cleaning.  Work around the campus will continue and excitement is pushing things forward.  However, we all know we cannot do everything at once.  I am very proud of what has been accomplished so far this summer and I look forward to a wonderful future on Garners Creek. 
Cyrisse Eby spoke to me months ago and expressed interest in assisting with this year’s children’s Christmas program.  That conversation took place in March, in a hospital waiting area.  Since then, after my relaying the message and witnessing her passion for the church; Cyrisse is already in planning mode for this year’s program. If you would like to be on her Christmas program team…
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
I enjoyed the weeknight services in the tabernacle during family camp.  However, I missed worshiping with my church family during the family camp Sunday morning service.  I loved everything about being home for worship at Jason Chapel, this week.  I loved the laughter in the foyer.  I loved the music.  I loved seeing people move forward toward the altars during singing. I loved prayer time.  I even loved announcements.  I loved serving communion.  I loved the conversations after service.  And I loved the prayer service in the Chapel in the evening.  There are days in ministry and the life of the church that push other days forward.  Sunday was that day for me.  I hope it was for you as well.  
This morning I arrived to work early, so I could get a jump on all the catching up I had to do from being away last week.  I want to say thank you for allowing me to travel back and forth to Nashville last week as we finalized the move and finished final details…