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Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Our love and prayers are extended to Bob and Kim Denny in the death of Bob’s grandmother, Edith Brown Allen, in Dickson, Tennessee, on Friday July 27, 2018.  Edith was 90 years of age.   Services were conducted Tuesday, July 31, 2018, in Dickson.  
In the opening stage of worship, this past Sunday, I attempted to honor and recognize anyone who has been called in to the leadership and teaching of our children.  Our summer intern, Daniel Magee, was present and sat alongside your students during service. I am proud of Daniel and look forward to seeing how God moves and places him in to areas of ministry in the future.  I then called for all teachers within Jason Chapel, both adult and children’s teachers.  Then the call was made for all teachers in the public or private school system along with support workers (office staff, drivers, cafeteria workers). We then invited all homeschool teachers to come and stand and receive their apple and prayer. It was a…
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Our love and prayers are extended to the families of Jerry Wade and Shawne Cochran on the loss of Jerry’s cousin and Shawne’s aunt, Margaret Ann.  Margaret passed away late last week as she was recovering from a surgery. Visitation and services were held Sunday afternoon in Dickson.  Continue to pray for their families during this time.  
At the conclusion of worship services, this past Sunday, an army of workers began hauling supplies in to the Family Life Center. Throughout the day the space was transformed.  I cannot wait for you all to see the it. Shea Schroeder, Jeff Schroeder, along with Jeff’s mother and father, Hannah Harris, Cristy Wade, Lilly Wade, Caleb Wade, Jennifer Thompson, Clarissa Breese, Julie Dickson and Mike Dickson did an incredible job. Thank you all for your work and following the leadership of Shea and Hannah.  
Wednesday evening at Jason Chapel, all things VBS will be in motion.  Over the last few days our campus has been a ste…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:
Last week closed out our camp season with our early elementary students.  Throughout the week I saw pictures posted to a Facebook group specifically for camp. With each trip I took across the creek, I was greeted with hugs and screams of excitement.  Early elementary campers were: Kylan Armstrong, Zaela Armstrong, Alexandrea Cathey, Gabriella Cathey, Lewis Cathey, Avery Greene, Savannah Greene, Riely Long, Abigail Myers, Jordyn Wade, Cailyn Young, and Liam Young.  Adult chaperones were Michelle Greene, Heather Myers, Steve Petty and Crystal Petty.  Thank you, adults, for investing a week in the lives of these students.  
Like all things in the life of the church, success is built on a team.  This camp season was successful due to the work of many.  Crystal Petty used her experience and assisted in registering our elementary students for camp and securing chaperones.  Bendee Bess communicated with teens and made sure all forms were complete and turned …
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Congratulations to Mike Lillis and daughter, Dorothy Lillis on joining Jason Chapel Church of the Nazarene.  Mike was connected to the church by close friend, Charlie Brown, and decided this is the place he wanted to invest.  I encourage you to get to know Mike and Dorothy.  I enjoyed every moment of our time together and I look forward to seeing how they find ways to Connect, Grow, and Serve within this local church.  If you are interested in joining the church, please notify me or the church office.
Summer brings travel, vacation, and at times a “skeleton” crew of workers.  Seeing how members and workers of Jason Chapel fill in and rotate to ensure areas are covered is so encouraging.  Michael Dickson, who is new to the audio/video team, was on campus bright and early getting items set up and rebooted due to a power outage earlier in the week. Evan Bess joined in and helped produce a wonderful sounding service.  Thank you, men, for your help.  Danny…