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Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
This past weekend Jennifer and I traveled to the mountains of east Tennessee, where we attended the MidSouth District Leadership Team Retreat. The both of us want to express our gratitude for the church taking such great care and sending us to be a part of such an event. The focus of the weekend was Self Care. Sessions were led by Doctors Don and Jan Harvey with a powerful word of encouragement from the District Superintendent Sunday morning. Thank you for allowing us time away to be together with district friends and fellow pastors and spouses. I always look forward to these types of events, but I also look forward to returning home to be with all of you. Thank you to everyone who took special care and attention of details in my absence. Thank you to Rev. Jonathan Hopper for filling in and preaching in my absence. I have already heard good reports this morning.
As you entered the upper buildings on Sunday you were most likely greeted by the smell of …
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
I walked over early Sunday morning in an attempt to unlock doors for those who normally do it, since we had the facilities rekeyed earlier in the week.  I noticed some of the lights I turned on worked and others did not.  While making my rounds and checking breaker boxes I received a text asking if the church was okay and if we were still having services. There was a power outage in the area, but it only effected certain areas.  Our lights were on, but our neighbors were without power.  Power was out down Garners Creek and the same was true, some homes had power, and some did not.  Our campus was slightly affected with one of the phases being out, causing some lights, A/C units, and most of the sound equipment to not work. The band worked hard developing a new plan, our sound team worked hard looking at options, and all those here for Sunday school just flowed and enjoyed the morning without a misstep.  Once I heard the A/C until start during the Sun…
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Labor Day, to some, marks the change of a season.  Even though fall does not technically begin until the end of September, Labor Day tends to kick all things fall into gear.  Football becomes a fixture on our televisions on Saturday and Sundays; if the weather is just right, long sleeves make their return and windows can be opened. Fall is not my favorite season, but I am looking forward to some amazing events on campus.  I hope you are as well. 
Some of you have noticed the area outside the Family Life Center has been cleaned up and the fence removed.  If you have a garden or have a need for some small sections of fence, feel free to come by and pick up what you can use.  The fence can be found behind the Family Life Center.  The pieces are not perfect, but if you are a “repurposer”, they could probably be reused for your project.  
The area outside the Family Life Center will be turned into a greenspace area with a bench placed at the bottom of t…