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Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to June Toler concerning the death of her brother, Homer Adkins.  Homer passed away on February 18, 2019 in the care of Trinity Nursing Home at the age of 62.  Memorial services were conducted on Friday, February 22, 2019 in Chapmanville, WV.  Continue to pray for June as she recovers from major surgery and as both heart and body heal.  
This Saturday, Student Ministries Pastor, Jonathan Hopper will be leading teams to help him improve the loft area of the Family Life Center. Jonathan’s vision for student ministries at Jason Chapel is focused on a journey.  Our children’s department has received new branding and will be referred to as Trailblazer Children’s Ministries. The idea and message of a trailblazer is one who goes out front marking and preparing the trail; constantly exploring, constantly searching for adventure, and constantly creating new paths. May that be so as our elementary children are introduced to…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Vicky and Jerry Fling concerning the death of Vicky’s father, Lloyd Puett, who passed away at the age of 89 in California.Vicky was able to travel to California and spend time with her father prior to his passing.Lloyd came to know Jesus Christ a few years ago and we are grateful. We join Vicky and Jerry not only in their mourning but in their celebrating of a promised reunion and homecoming. The family will be joining together for a private memorial service in the days to come.
Sunday, February 17, 2019 at the conclusion of services, church members participated in our annual election process.Once again, thank you to those who allowed your names to be on the ballot for consideration. And thank you to those who participated in the election. Billy Eaton and Michael Dickson were elected to each serve a three-year term on the board.Michelle Worcester was approved to serve as NMI President.Brady Sliman was approved …

Special Information - February 18, 2019

Happy Monday Jason Chapel Family, 
This is not my regular weekly letter, that will come to you later Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. 
I wanted to pass on some specific information concerning needs and requests from the Camp Ground.  I will simply share with you the information which was shared with me from Finley Knowles and his staff. 

1. I [Finley Knowles] am recruiting a team of skilled remodeler-types to work for the general contractor who plans to be here this Wednesday (February 20, 2019).  He could use up to 12 people.  If you are willing to take time off work please know your donation of energy and time will be used responsibly.  This is the most urgent need at this time.  We will also be running crews through March 22-ish.  Please have interested workers to contact us at the campground for details and information.  2. The second need is similar to the first.  We need to hire workers to fill the slots we don’t get with volunteers. We are offering food and lodging for the day…
Family and friends of Jason Chapel:
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Sandra and Danny Parchman on the passing of Danny’s mother, Oretha Parchman, who passed away in her home at the age of 93 on February 8, 2019.   A long life should be celebrated. However, the loss of a mother and mother-in-law is never easy.Visitations will take place at Spann Funeral Home, Monday evening from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, and Tuesday at 11:00am with a memorial service scheduled for 2:00pm
Thank you to Michelle Greene for leading our Trailblazer quiz team over these past months. Michelle, who spoke to us Sunday morning about the quiz team has served as coach and head cheerleader for the team. I was just as thrilled as they were to hear you all applaud their work and achievements. As our quizzers move forward toward regional and national quiz challenges we look forward to their success and we will continue to root for them and support them.  I look forward to future reports.
Last February and March as I ente…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Jonathan and Hannah Harris on the loss of Hannah’s uncle, George Cooksey.  George passed away at the age of 76, on February 1, 2019.  George Cooksey is the brother of former Jason Chapel staff member, Rev. Crystal Petty. Crystal, who now serves as lead pastor to the Kingston Springs Church of the Nazarene, will be officiating a portion of the memorial service later this week. Continue to be in prayer for her as she prepares to celebrate the life and faith of her brother.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 1:00pm at the Pine Hill Church of the Nazarene in McEwen, Tennessee. Visitations will be held at the Pine Hill Church on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 from 2:00pm until 8:00pm and on Wednesday from 11:00am until the time of service.  
Our thoughts and prayers are also extended to Charla and Cheri Eaton (sisters) in the loss of their uncle, Ernest Mayfield, who passed away January 30, 201…