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Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Dan and Melanie Eaton on the passing of Melanie’s father, Harold Dean Clark. Harold was 84 and passed away on Wednesday May 15, 2019. Memorial services took place in Goodlettsville, Tennessee on Wednesday May 22, 2019. Dan and Melanie serve as missionaries to Germany, both were able to travel home to be with family and attend services. 
Our thoughts and prayers are also extended to Finley and Lori Knowles on the passing of Lori’s father, Dr. James Vernon (JV) Morsch. Dr. Morsch passed away at the age of 91, late Saturday evening, May 25, 2019. Lori, and sister Becky, were able to travel from Dickson to be with their father and spend time with him prior to his passing. Memorial services will be held later this week in Florida. Continue to pray for safe travel and for comfort as they celebrate the life of a dear man. 
Memorial Day is a day to honor service men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service o…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

This past Sunday Courtney Long was called upon to help lead worship while Treila was away for the week. Courtney recruited a team of musicians and vocalist who did a wonderful job. Thank you to Treila Curtis for recruiting Courtney and thank you Courtney for recruiting your team for Sunday. 
Sunday, we continued our month of recognizing our students and the generations represented within Jason Chapel. Pastor Jonathan Hopper prayed over our teens and spoke to how the group is growing together and growing in openness.  Jonathan has some great things planned for the future and the upcoming weeks. I look forward to watching the foundation of these students become stronger and I look forward to watching how this small group grows due of these moments and the leadership qualities of our teens.  
We also spent time in specific prayer for team members who will be traveling to Cuba on mission. Once again, Mick and Melanie Holcomb lead a district team after mont…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

It is a difficult thing to explain, but one of my favorite moments in ministry is how we closed out the service on Mother’s Day. Praying for all our ladies and focusing on the different stages of life is so powerful to me. Someone grabbed a picture and sent it to me, and I was thankful. I posted the photo on my personal Facebook page and our Jason Chapel page. Later in the evening I received multiple text messages from fellow pastors asking what we did to honor our ladies. They loved the thought, the scene, and the intention. On Monday I received a few different comments on how important and nice it was that all our ladies, 18 years of age and older were honored. I agree. 
Sunday morning, we also honored and recognized Nichole and Casey Sliman and our elementary students.We will do it again at the beginning of the upcoming school year. I wanted you to see them and for them to see you. We have a lot for which to be thankful here at Jason Chapel. We hav…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:
I can still visualize our babies, preschoolers, and families lined up in the front of our worship space Sunday. Each week I am thankful for mother’s and families represented on the expectant mother’s list, and I love all the sounds I hear in and around the buildings when we join together. I want to say a very special thank you to Cheri Eaton for stepping in and taking ownership and leadership for our nursey area. Cheri arrives early and often stays late and works very hard to fill gaps and spots when scheduling conflicts occur. Thank you for loving our babies Cheri, and thank you for your dedication to this area of the body. 
For over seven years, Michelle Greene has volunteered and worked closely with our pre-school children. She writes curriculum, leads preschool worship, and helps create a rotation of volunteers to teach and lead during the worship hour. Over these next few week’s Michelle will transition into our Trailblazers Children’s Ministry a…