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Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Friday evening and Saturday morning, Garners Creek and portions of the surrounding area were without electricity. The parsonage was simply without electricity, others were without electricity and water. Jennifer and I received numerous phone calls checking on us, thank you. We were fine and enjoyed sitting on the porch and it gave me a reason to use my camping stove to make breakfast.  
When I arrived at church Sunday morning, I could smell something familiar. As I entered my Sunday school classroom I was greeted with a fresh coat of paint. I believe it is safe to say that all areas of the upper building have now been painted. Thank you to Meagan Dickson and Carlos Northington, for hearing of a need and spending a couple of days taking care of it. Thank you to Julie and Michael Dickson for purchasing paint and supplies. 
Sunday June 30, 2019 is the last day of the month and the first day of the week that contains Independence Day. This Sunday, June 30t…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Cindy (Adams) and David Brown who were joined together in Holy matrimony in a private ceremony on Wednesday June 12, 2019. The ceremony was sweet and concluded with a wonderful kiss of love and prayer of hope. I was grateful to participate in such a wonderful moment for this new couple.
This Sunday we will join together in the upper parking lot at dusk and enjoy homemade ice-cream and Ernest Goes to Camp. I plan on making a couple different ice-cream options to share. If you like to make ice-cream, would you make some to share? If you want to bring movie snacks for your crew, bring them. If you want to bring snacks to share, share them. We still have some charcoal left over from the BBQ last month, so if you want to grill some hot dogs or burgers, do it; those who desire to use the grill can share it. It’s just a nice relaxing evening on the grounds. The church will provide cups, spoons, and napkins. Our next Summer Movie Night will…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Since the writing of my last newsletter, our team from Cuba has returned safely to Garners Creek. I am thankful for their safe return and I am thankful for their health as they were away. I have spoken to a couple team members and I am excited to hear words of testimony and a report from all those who went. Michelle Worcester, our local NMI president, will begin working on a time when we can all join together and hear from our mission team. I cannot wait. 
Two Sundays ago, it was noticeably warm in the Family Life Center. I am not certain you all know this, but there are over 12 heating and air units on our campus. When an area is warm, it makes me hold my breath and expect the worst. Following that hot Sunday, I monitored the area and the units, nothing appeared to be changing. I was also dealing with a problem with our fire alarm and monitoring system. On Tuesday I was waiting but prepared to call our head of building and grounds, Billy Eaton, and w…