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Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Austin Robb and Hailey Long on the birth of their baby girl, Charlotte Suzann Robb. Charlotte was born August 21st weighing 8 pounds and 20 inches long. Mother and baby are home and doing great. Dad is fine as well.

We are in the final stages of producing the pictorial directory. This Sunday you will receive your free photo and your digital copies. We will produce a few mock directories for you to review and check the information prior to final printing. These mock-ups will be found in the upper foyer and adult Sunday school classes. Please take a moment to check your address and phone numbers. There will be cards available to note any corrections that need to be made. 
This past Friday evening Trailblazers Children’s Ministries were on campus playing games and being together. Thank you to Sheila Brown, Amanda Greene, Joe, Greene, and Michelle Greene for helping and playing games with us. I had one mother send me a message after the …
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

We have now joined and worshipped together in the upper sanctuary for two consecutive weeks.  I have received and have heard multiple positive comments about the space since the move. There are still some wrinkles to be ironed out over time, but that is no surprise.  We are currently in the process of considering and seeking advice for a safe move for the Baby Grand Piano to the upper sanctuary. I personally think it will look and sound beautiful in that space. I do not know what preaching is like from your vantage point. From where I stand, I am finding that I can engage more, see more, and hear more of you.

Lori Knowles is a neighbor to Jason Chapel and over the course of this past year has found her church home within our walls and people. Lori has a great sense of humor, so we hit it off immediately. During our time of music leadership transitions Lori has consistently, but quietly, offered and shown her willingness to help where she can. This is …
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:
I believe Sunday was a sweet day in the life of the church. Due to the area and space there was a sound that could nearly be felt in the foyer and sanctuary prior to service. Holding worship in the sanctuary sure made for a nice transition into our fellowship time in the Family Life Center. I know it seemed strange in the beginning to be housed in the far side of the gym for lunch, but it worked as intended. Our kids and teens quickly filled the vacant area, playing together, as adults sat at tables and talked. Thank you to the team of workers who helped in the kitchen prior to the lunch and thank you to the team of workers who helped put away tables and chairs after the lunch. 
There are moments in the life of the church a pastor will look for. Cookouts and all church functions are wonderful times to look for such things. Sunday during lunch I noticed different groups of people sitting with different groups of people. That is a wonderful thing to see…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Amber and Ryan Brown on the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Nora arrived on July 29, 2019 around 11 o’clock in the evening at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage. I was able to visit Ryan and Amber prior to delivery and excitement was high. Mother and baby are now home and doing wonderfully. 
Congratulations to Jennifer and Allan Baker who were united in marriage on August 2, 2019 near Camden, Tennessee is a wonderful ceremony and weekend celebration.  Allan and Jennifer recited their vows while standing in the river surrounded by friends and family; and I do mean, in the water. Each had a string attached to their weddinging band during the exchange, in the event of slipper fingers. Luckily, each ring was safely placed on the other. It was sweet. 
This Sunday we will begin holding morning worship services in the upper sanctuary once again. The space will be ready to receive us and over time we will make adjustments and address the nee…