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Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Sam Wade and family. Cristy Wade passed away early Sunday morning, September 22, 2019 in Columbia, Tennessee after a long battle with cancer. Details for her memorial service are still in process.  Continue to pray for Sam, Caleb, Carson, Lilly, and Jordan.  
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Dan and Michelle Greene. Beulah Mae Hayner, Michelle’s grandmother, passed away in her home Saturday September 21, 2019 in Clarksville, Tennessee. Michelle, her sister, and cousin were with her when she passed. 
Jennifer and I traveled to the mountains of east Tennessee this past weekend to attend the MidSouth Ministry Team Retreat. It was wonderful to unplug and get away. It was great to be with friends and colleagues. And it was nice to be able to leave the hotel and be in the middle of so many options of food and things to do. Thank you to Cheri Eaton for checking our campus and taking care of unlocking and lockin…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Abby-Rae Denney on being baptized Sunday morning after worship. Abby-Rae is sweet and funny. I was proud to be asked to participate in such a wonderful event.  I look forward to seeing Abby-Rae grow and become more of a leader within the group. 
Sunday afternoon Jason Chapel was host to the first quiz meet of the season. Quizzers have studies and will continue to study the book of Genesis chapters one through eight. I am so proud of our team and how hard they work. Thank you to Michelle Greene for organizing practices and doing everything that needed to be done for the quiz meet.  Here is a list of our quizzers and how they did:             Savannah Greene        Gold Allstar with 1 perfectly round.
            Briley Childers           Gold Allstar.
            Anna Kate Wilson      Gold Allstar with 1 perfectly round.             Avery Greene             Gold Allstar with 2 perfect rounds.             Ryann Greene             Bronze
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Avery Greene on being baptized Sunday after morning worship. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and the sweet celebration of friends and family was something special. I am always humbled when allowed to participate in such a moment.  
Congratulations to Carlos and Megan Northington who were joined in the Holy Matrimony Saturday September 7, 2019. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by a wonderful reception in the Family Life Center. I look forward to growing and continuing to be a part of their lives. 
Monday evening, I joined with 8 individuals and talked about life here at Jason Chapel.  It was a wonderful time getting to hear how families are connecting among us. In a membership class I tend to focus on relationships more than I do other areas. However, this time does allow me to speak about my duties and role as pastor and it allows me to speak to my personal theology and the Church of the Nazarene’s articles of faith and Chr…
Friends and family of Jason Chapel:

Nichole Sliman is a young mother of four in our congregation. Nichole served as Children’s worship leader last year, before the birth of Rory, and still serves our children’s area on Wednesday evenings. Nichole has agreed to take ownership and leadership within our pre-school department. Nichole is planning and organizing the structure of our preschool ministries and her creative juices are flowing. If you would like to be added to a worship schedule for preschoolers, please contact Nichole. If you are available to help and join her team on Wednesday evenings, let her know.  Also, please allow me to pass along some information cornering scheduling in the preschool area. We will plan and have planned to encourage Family Worship Services on the fifth Sunday of the months containing five Sundays.  This will provide a break for leaders and allow families to worship together. One adjustment we will also be making in our preschool area is; if/when a volunt…