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Friends and Family of Jason Chapel:
This past Tuesday evening, in the Family Life Center, your church board gathered to conduct the business of the church and to discuss our Roadmap To-Gather and consider adjustments. The meeting was positive from beginning to end. We have such an incredible and humble board. Opinions and thoughts are freely shared without the tone of force or individual agenda. It truly is a wonderful team. I was happy to be in their presence once again. 
The agenda for the meeting led us to reflect and focus on returning to in person, indoor gatherings at Jason Chapel. I am proud and happy to announce these adjustments to our Roadmap To-Gather: 1.Beginning May 24th at 10:00am Jason Chapel will return to indoor worship in the Upper Sanctuary. This will be a Family Worship Service without a Children’s Church option, Preschool, or Nursery. At this point we will continue to focus on the worship hour for Sunday mornings. 
2.We will continue to have the Drive-In Option for th…
Friends and Family of Jason Chapel:
Congratulations to Savannah Greene, of the Centennial Elementary Panthers, for being this year’s recipient for the Gary Burnett Citizenship Award. This award is given out each year to students who are nominated and voted on by staff. Savannah, your Jason Chapel Family is so very proud of you. Keep up the great work. 
As I am typing this letter, Becky Morsch is in the office helping field phone calls and brain-storm organizational options for the future. There are also workers from Nashville cleaning carpets and preparing our facilities for worship. Yesterday, when I returned to campus from Nashville, I noticed three familiar cars in the parking lot; Cheri Eaton, Doris Umsted, and Sandra Parchman. They were together working and organizing the kitchen and surrounding areas. On Tuesday, Lorrie Shirk was in the office alongside Julie Dickson. They worked and talked while processing procedures and helping develop plans of organizing procedures for upcoming…
Friends and Family of Jason Chapel:
It is Friday, and for some it has been a week in the dark. Electricity went out in the Garners Creek area this past Sunday around 4:00pm. I received messages as late as yesterday and this morning of families whose power has just now been restored. If I could have brought you some electricity, I sure would have. Monday I was Lebanon working with my two brothers. My oldest brother’s home was damaged by what they are calling a derecho. Winds were so strong in his area a neighboring barn was demolished and silos pushed over.  My brother’s roof was damaged, and signs are pointing toward the blessing of the roof not being ripped off; somehow it held on. They are awaiting information from a structural engineer concerning their home. They are all safe and I hope you are as well. 
Over the course of the upcoming weeks and months, Jason Chapel will begin working to safely and responsibly return to on campus and in person operations and services. I have shared a…
Friends and Family of Jason Chapel:
First, I want to provide you a follow up and report concerning Coy, Marque Ann and David McCutchen’s grandson. As of this morning, family was notified that Coy tested negative for COVID-19. He is still recovering from what doctors are suspecting a bacterial infection.Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for the family over these past days. It wouldn’t hurt to keep it up. 
I also want to start this week’s letter with a financial report of sorts. When I arrived over two years ago Julie Dickson was being trained and utilized for office administration duties and trained to serve in the role of church treasurer. Both are very involved roles. There are many stories I could write to describe the laughter and even some of the tears that were shed during conversations, brain storming sessions, hiring inquiries, our learning new procedures, and frankly, stories listening to Julie and the computer argue; but I will not tell them all. However, I will tell you …