Friends and Family of Jason Chapel:

This past Tuesday evening, in the Family Life Center, your church board gathered to conduct the business of the church and to discuss our Roadmap To-Gather and consider adjustments. The meeting was positive from beginning to end. We have such an incredible and humble board. Opinions and thoughts are freely shared without the tone of force or individual agenda. It truly is a wonderful team. I was happy to be in their presence once again. 

The agenda for the meeting led us to reflect and focus on returning to in person, indoor gatherings at Jason Chapel. I am proud and happy to announce these adjustments to our Roadmap To-Gather:
1.     Beginning May 24th at 10:00am Jason Chapel will return to indoor worship in the Upper Sanctuary. This will be a Family Worship Service without a Children’s Church option, Preschool, or Nursery. At this point we will continue to focus on the worship hour for Sunday mornings. 

2.     We will continue to have the Drive-In Option for those who would like to be on campus for service. We ask for those who will be participating in the indoor worship option to park on the lower portion of the parking lot, after dropping loved ones at the door. And, of course, this request does not apply to those requiring closer parking spaces or handicap parking. The idea and thought is to allow those gathering for Drive-In worship to continue to worship together with other families in the safety of their vehicles. 

3.     At this point we also plan to provide a recorded version of the sermon for those who may not be able to attend either option. We are still working out the timing of this option. However, I imagine the sermon will be posted on Sunday afternoons to our YouTube channel as it has been these recent weeks. 

Here are ways for you to help during this transition back together:
1.     Put others first – Not everyone may be as open or free to hugs and handshakes as you are prepared to give them. Take this step with us while being mindful of those around you. 

2.     Please Remember – There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, male or female, mask wearers or non-mask wearers, we are all one in Christ Jesus.  That was an attempt at a small joke. However, the point I am attempting to make is, each of us have decisions to make and make them according to what we feel is best and right for ourselves and family.  Let’s make sure we are supporting each other to the best of our abilities. It’s who we are; I’m not too worried about that. 

3.     Please Understand – It will be wonderful to gather indoors again and worship. However, we will not and cannot simply pick back up to the way it was ten weeks ago. What you experience Sunday will not be the way it will always be, and it will not be the way it always has been.  The team is being gathered back together with plans and conversations taking place. Adjustments will take place and flow will return to a more structured and polished feel over time. I assure you work is being done for us to be a part of a meaningful and wonderful worship experience. 

4.     Please Plan to Participate – This week I will preach on the third moment Jesus speaks after His resurrection. The focus will be on those gathered together in a closed room.  I want to invite and encourage you to speak to how the Holy Spirit has been moving in your life, family, mind, and heart during this season of being in a closed room. I want to hear your words of testimony as we gather together again. Pray for guidance and plan to share a 60 to 90 second word of testimony. I look forward to preaching, and I look forward to hearing. 

I was wondering if I could assign another project for all of us to do? Would it be possible for you to take a fun photograph of yourself or you with family, and send it to  A picture that shows a smile and your face. It could be a group picture or a single picture of each member of your crew. I want to compose these photos and produce a video for us all. In the past we have produced a May Baby Day video and have produced a Senior Graduation Video. I think this year we ALL need to be a part of the video. 
If you are unsure how to send a picture let me know. If you would like me to pull a pic off your Facebook page, let me know. If you could, would you please work on that this week? We have a lot of new babies, we have elementary kids moving up into the high school ranks, we have students entering their senior year, we have moms and dads and grandparents, and so much more. Please send your fun pictures this upcoming week

Striving to be better not bigger.
Grace and Peace, 


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