Friends and Family of Jason Chapel:

Congratulations to Savannah Greene, of the Centennial Elementary Panthers, for being this year’s recipient for the Gary Burnett Citizenship Award. This award is given out each year to students who are nominated and voted on by staff. Savannah, your Jason Chapel Family is so very proud of you. Keep up the great work. 

As I am typing this letter, Becky Morsch is in the office helping field phone calls and brain-storm organizational options for the future. There are also workers from Nashville cleaning carpets and preparing our facilities for worship. Yesterday, when I returned to campus from Nashville, I noticed three familiar cars in the parking lot; Cheri Eaton, Doris Umsted, and Sandra Parchman. They were together working and organizing the kitchen and surrounding areas. On Tuesday, Lorrie Shirk was in the office alongside Julie Dickson. They worked and talked while processing procedures and helping develop plans of organizing procedures for upcoming transitions. Your church board has received and conducted an online ballot for consideration and attention and we are planning to have our first face to face board meeting since March. Activity and energy are returning to campus. I know you are ready as well. Our attempt is to be calm, smart, safe, and prepared for our return. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. 

The Church of Nazarene allows pastors and church boards to process ballots via electronic communication (email). At times this option speeds things along and this method allows us to utilize our time better during in person meetings. This week, in an effort to take advantage of time and preparation for next week’s board meeting, a recommendation was presented to the church board for their consideration to receive Daniel “Boone” Davis to serve in the role of Church Treasurer. It was a unanimous positive vote with ballots being returned very quickly. In my recommendation to the church board I wrote, My relationship with Boone is still fairly new. However, in each and every point of contact I have had with him I have been impressed. He is calm, smart, and seeking ways to invest in this local church.” We will strive to transition in this area smoothly and responsibly. I personally believe we will do great; both Julie and Boone are smart, willing, and ready to embrace their new roles. Thank you, church board, for your quick action and thank you Boone for your heart for this local church.  

As of this moment we are planning to worship together Sunday May 17th at 10:30am in our current Drive-In style of gathering. However, I am aware of the weather and watching it closely. Our back up plan is to offer a pre-recorded worship service on Sunday morning. I will work hard to make proper notifications in plenty of time if adjustments need to be made. Regardless, I am excited to move forward in our current series. This week we will focus on the second point of contact Jesus had after leaving the tomb. Last week we focused on Mary Magdalen, this week we will once again talk about our travelers on the Emmaus road. I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am.   

I was wondering if I could assign a project for all of us to do? Would it be possible for you to take fun photograph of yourself or you with family, and send it to  A picture that shows a smile and your face. It could be a group picture or a single picture of each member of your crew. I want to compose these photos and produce a video for us all. In the past we have produced a May Baby Day video and have produced a Senior Graduation Video. I think this year we ALL need to be a part of the video. 
If you are unsure how to send a picture let me know. If you would like me to pull a pic off your Facebook page, let me know. If you could, would you please work on that this week? We have a lot of new babies, we have elementary kids moving up into the high school ranks, we have students entering their senior year, we have moms and dads and grandparents, and so much more. Please send your fun pictures this week. I will work to have a video completed for our first Sunday back or possibly May 31st.

Striving to be better not bigger.
Grace and Peace, 


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